FALL 2017 Women's Retreat | Sky Ranch | November 3-5

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JESUS ~ seek . know . love

Ladies, you are invited to join us on November 3-5 at Sky Ranch in Quapaw, Oklahoma for a weekend of worship, memory-making with girlfriends, and falling more in love with our Savior.

The heart of our weekend is this sentiment:

You can't deeply love Him until you know Him, and you can't fully know Him until you seek Him.

Worship will be led by the talented Kayla Bailey.

Kayla Bailey


1. Standard registration for the weekend is $100

+ This includes all meals and lodging.

The crafting and outdoor activities listed below are all optional and will be occurring Saturday afternoon. Feel free to use this time to relax or walk the grounds if you'd rather have unscheduled time.

2. Earrings +$5

+ Choose from an array of materials, colors and template shapes to make your own lightweight, fun earrings!


3. Canvas +$10

+ Create your own multi-media inspirational canvas!


4. Choose to make both the earrings and a canvas for +$15

NOTE: If you'd rather be outdoors instead of inside crafting on Saturday afternoon, you can choose to go horseback riding and/or zip lining instead. There is a minimal fee for each, payable once you're at Sky Ranch. To participate in the outdoor activities, choose Standard Registration.

Once you register, you will receive an email with even more detailed information. Also, be sure to like GH Women on Facebook to stay in the loop with any additional updates!

Attendee Types

  • $100 – Standard
  • $105 – Standard + Earrings
  • $110 – Standard + Canvas
  • $115 – Standard + Earrings + Canvas
  • $30 – Saturday Only
  • $35 – Saturday Only + Earrings
  • $40 – Saturday Only + Canvas
  • $45 – Saturday Only + Earrings + Canvas
Not On Sale

Event Details

  • Nov 3
    5:00 pm
    Nov 5
    11:00 am